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At Michigan Association of Construction Academies,

we support prospective students and training institutions alike. The construction industry has always proven to build lucrative careers alongside the infrastructure that supports our communities, but in today’s environment, we are seeing a major shortage in the skilled trades workforce. At Michigan Association of Construction Academies, our role is to encourage the growth of workforce development in our state, ensuring the next generation of professionals will thrive in life long careers in the construction industry. For prospective students, we provide valuable information on the different pathways, opportunities and careers the construction industry has to offer along with resources for finding training in their area. For training institutions, we support and advocate for policies and regulation while eliminating barriers; making it easier to deliver instruction and education to the next generation of skilled workers.

Our Vision

The Michigan Association of Construction Academies will support and navigate for policies that remove barriers and encourage the growth of workforce development and our state

We pride ourselves on our close relationship with the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, working to fill the existing skills gap in the Michigan construction industry. The demand for skilled workers in the construction industry is high and we know that the talent is out there just waiting and willing to work for a good living and a great career. We work hard to assist apprentices in enriching their lives with a real career in construction and work hard at helping the construction contractors continuously build and cultivate a top-rate/well-trained workforce that positively impacts their bottom line. MACA is a win-win for everyone involved.

We work with the Greater Michigan Construction Academy, the Southeast Michigan Construction Academy, and the West Michigan Construction Institute to provide prospective students with the pathways and learning opportunities available while exposing them to leadership skills and technical education to ensure they are well-prepared for the demands of the construction industry.

Our Mission

Supporting and advancing the work of training institutions to ensure that Michigan is a great place to build the next generation of skilled workers.

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Primary Communities Served

Madison Heights
Greater Lansing area
Grand Rapids